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right now slick on the roads early on. hi-def doppler picking up that moisture. most of that fairly light but look what's right off the coast. you can see that cell that's really just wrapped up a bit and that will spread onshore. the storm system coming up out of the south so warmer as it moves in but still some scattered showers being picked up outside. so traveling on the roads be careful. we have light showers in toward san rafael over the bay near novato, some scattered light showers there but they will be on and off throughout the day today. the core of the low still off the coastline. it will slowly work toward the bay area today. we may see heavy rain later on tonight and then another storm developing in the gulf of alaska makes more wet weather for the rest of the weekend. in fact, showers will continue out there today. cloudy skies, temperatures fairly mild with the system moving onshore. 52 degrees in oakland. 56 in san francisco. 55 in san jose right now. by the afternoon, these numbers are going to be cooler. plan on highs only in the upper
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50s to low 60s near the coastline, mid-60s in some of the valleys but we have a cold storm headed our way, too. and that one is going to be stronger. we'll talk more about that in a moment. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you. outside now here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. a lot of flashing lights right now across the span. it's because they are doing the lane changes right now. we saw the lane change truck drive by and there's some police cars behind it. they are trying to get more southbound 101 lanes open to cars heading toward san francisco from marin. no major accidents. once they open more lanes traffic will flow better across the span. things are light. roadwork this morning between the waldo tunnel and sir francis drake. a lot of green on our live traffic sensors. eastbound 4 at loveridge more roadwork, overnight paving work. 880 nimitz no big delays, no problems if you have a flight to catch at oakland airport
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heading out of town this weekend, so far, so good on southbound 880 from downtown. really all the way down towards hayward and 92. of course, the roads are slick already this morning so we haven't seen any major accidents but just a heads up mass transit always a good option. so far everything is on time for bart, ace, muni, caltrain and ferries. thank you. the company that makes twinkies and wonder bread says this morning it is going out of business. texas-based hostess announced the decision less than 30 minutes ago. it's in response to a strike by its workers. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is outside a hostess store in san leandro. cate. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. this will affect 18,000 employees who will be out of a job and will need to look for other options as well as hostess fans will probably have to go to other options for an afternoon snack. video from yesterday, hostess workers stuck to their guns to
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the picket lines even after the company threatened to liquidate this oakland bakery and owners. the deadline for workers to go back to work was yesterday afternoon at 5 p.m. eastern. the iconic baker of twinkies, dingdong and ho hoes filed for bankruptcy for the second time this year. the company argued that workers needed to make concessions to improve its financial situation but workers say the company stopped paying their pension and wanted too much. >> reporter: you didn't seem to be scared? >> not me because i needed to fight for my wife, for my family. >> cupcakes and twinkies, bread, they made good quality stuff, good quality products. and we hate to see it come to an he had. but enough's enough. >> reporter: now enough's enough for workers as well as the product. 70 workers at the bakery in oakland which produces the bread under the "columbo" brand voted to go on strike last week
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and again as we mentioned, hostess cited because workers did not come back to work after that deadline is the reason for them deciding to make this big decision this morning. hostess says -- if this well through, at which did they would need to file a motion if they choose to liquidate, and if so they may close tuesday next week. cate caugiran, cbs 5. a suspected violent criminal is off the streets this morning because a police officer was at the right place at the right time. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec here in san francisco explaining why police from oakland made the arrest. anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it happened here in san francisco. ruth crisp steakhouse is known for being pricy but this guy had no idea what kind of price he would be paying when he came here for dinner last night. police had been looking for
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him, wanted on weapons violations and outstanding warrant for residential burglary. he was spot walking into ruth crisp for dinner last night. >> an alert officer who was off duty tonight at the restaurant having dinner with his wife for her birthday saw him and his entourage walk into the restaurant. he notified the oakland police department. we got ahold of our brother officers here at the san francisco police department put together a plan to arrest him when he came out of the restaurant. >> reporter: he was arrested peacefully with the rest of his posse and they were taken back to oakland where police are sorting out the charges. it looks like this guy was deeply embedded in criminal activity according to police. his wife was recently shot eight times. we'll hear that part of the story in the next half hour. live in san francisco, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> thank you. a murder in february has prompted a wrongful death suit against the city of berkeley.
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the family of peter cukor says police were negligent about handling trespassers in his home in the berkeley hills. the family says an officer was on the way when in fact that was not the case. the trespasser allegedly killed cukor with a flower pot. san rafael police have released a sketch of an armed intruder who terrorized two young women. the man entered the playa del rey apartments with a knife tuesday night as the 18- and 19- year-old roommates were watching tv. the intruder ended up in a physical struggle with one of the women and police say he suffered stab wounds or cuts. he is described as 5'6", hispanic in his early 20s, with skin irregularities on his face. other bay area headlines. the couple accused of murdering a hercules woman in her home are expected to enter a plea in court today. darnell and tanya washington are accused of killing 55-year- old susie ko on october 5 and stealing her car. their hearing is this afternoon in richmond. and 49ers head coach jim
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harbaugh is not letting a heart issue slow him down. he is expected back at the team facility today. harbaugh went to stanford hospital and had a minor procedure yesterday to deal with an irregular heartbeat. it is 4:37 now. israel has offered to suspend its offensive in the gaza strip today if the prime minister of egypt pays a brief visit to that region. however, the fighting between the israelis and the palestinians has been escalating there. dozens of missiles exploded in the gaza city early this morning. they are targeting more than 100 sites that israel says hamas used to fire rockets at israel. each side says the other is the oppressor. >> we don't want war but there are people all the time shooting israel. >> palestinian health officials say the recent attacks have killed at least 19 people in
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gaza. israeli officials say three of their people have died. former cia director david petraeus will be in the hot seat on capitol hill today. as susan mcginnis reports, the general will tell house and senate committees what he knows about september's deadly conditions lat attack in libya. reporter: former cia director david petraeus is headed to capitol hill this morning to talk about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. congressional leaders say he has a unique insight into the attack. >> director petraeus went to tripoli and interviewed many of the people as i understand it that were involved. >> reporter: house and senate intelligence committee members spent thursday interviewing top military and intelligence officials. they were also shown a video taken from surveillance cameras from the consulate and from drones flying overhead. >> it does begin from when the incident -- before the incident started and goes through the incident and the exodus. >> reporter: but as thorough as
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thursday's briefing was, members still have a lot of questions. >> we're going to continue to work to get those answers. >> reporter: and there's new information out of thursday's congressional hearings. lawmakers say the cia confirmed to them susan rice was told spontaneous protests over an anti-islam film sparked the attack. >> we do not have information at present -- >> reporter: rice was given the information as part of an unclassified briefing before she appeared on sunday morning talk shows five days after the attack. >> that unclassified version turned out to be inaccurate as we found out later. >> reporter: several republican senators are threatening to block rice from become the next secretary of state because of her assertions the attack didn't appear to be pre- planned. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. lawmakers may ask petraeus about the extra marital affair that led to his resignation but the focus will be on the consulate attack. chico state university has suspended all fraternity and sorority activities after an
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alcohol-related death of a student on campus there. recruiting and social events are now banned until the spring semester and greek letters will have to be covered up or removed from all the houses. fraternity pledge mason sumnick died yesterday. the san diego native was found unresponsive last week after celebrating his birthday at doubt chico bars. -- at downtown chico bars. >> mason's loss enabled me to provide a wake-up call to jon shutting everyone. >> the university said sumnicht had downed 21 shots for his first birthday before passing out. 4:40. a horrible accident in texas. how a freight train hit a paradeful of wounded war vets. >> james bond isn't the only spy in bay area theat he remembers. the special investigators keeping an eye on you. >> and weeks after it hit,
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never-before-seen images of superstorm sandy's wrath coming your way. stay right there. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hurricane sandy... showing t how extensive the flooding .
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this surveillance video show water pour take i look. some new video of damage from hurricane sandy showing just how extensive the flooding was. this surveillance video shows water pouring into the path commuter rail station in hoboken, new jersey. cameras captured the water flow on october 29th from several different angles there. they include upper and lower elevators as well as the station platform and the track area. it's going to be a while before they get that all back to you together. >> it never gets old watching this because the -- the images get more and more amazing. >> hoboken is just right there on the water on the hudson river there so -- >> all right. time is 4:43. let's check our weather here. we are getting a little rain, huh? >> what a change in the weather pattern. we have had all that sunshine. now the rain is moving in. we are seeing scattered showers around the bay area. fairly light so far but the roads are a little slick now. hi-def doppler picking up on the rainfall. just off the coast a stronger band is going to move in a little later on this morning
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and as this cell moves onshore it will bring with it more showers outside pick up a little bit this morning and then may taper off when the core of the system moves onshore, that could be a little more exciting. maybe even some thunderstorms developing a little later on today into the evening. out the door now, cloudy skies, scattered light showers at this time. temperatures mainly in the 50s and mild. there is a chance we could see rain and some thunderstorms this afternoon especially as we head into the evening hours, temperatures fairly mild mainly into the 60s. it looks like the whole pattern has changed now. high pressure has moved out of the way. you can see the core of the low still off the coastline. a band ahead of it is what we're watching now. it's going to move onshore. the rain will pick up this morning. then maybe a brief break and this next band begins to move on shore. overall a wet pattern for the weekend but not a washout. most of the rain tonight
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overnight and saturday. this system will slide toward the bay area unsettled weather the possibility of some thunderstorms, keep that umbrella handy with you. futurecast for today showing that you system as it moves onshore this morning. then maybe a brief break and picking up again toward the evenin hours. possibility of downpours. overnight showers. better part of saturday not too bad, not a total washout. then the cold front dives in saturday night to bring heavier rainfall. sunday not too bad passing clouds an occasional shower but not a rainout. rainfall totals will be picking up. this storm is coming from the south so maybe 1.5" into the santa cruz mountains through saturday and looks like we are going to see that rain on the increase as that next front moves through so maybe some plays over 2" of rain into sunday so wet pattern setting up so get ready for that. we'll see mild temperatures only into the 60s. next couple of days, that
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unsettled weather continuing. looks like saturday not a terrible day. passing clouds occasional showers, more rain saturday night into early sunday morning then drying out. a chance of showers on monday mainly to the north, otherwise passing clouds a little unsettled into the mill of the week. but there's that rain waiting to come onshore. >> thanks, lawrence. outside it's slick on the roads. heads up if you are about to head to work this morning. this is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. not too bad "friday light" so far all across the upper deck getting into san francisco. elsewhere we have traffic cameras all over the bay area. here's one in the south bay in san jose. this is 101 near the mckee exit. and northbound and southbound so far it is a nice smooth ride. in fact, all of your major san jose freeways through downtown look good. let's go to our maps and show you what else is going on. we know a lot of people may be starting to head out of town
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for thanksgiving next week. catching a flight at sfo, southbound 101 looks good so far. 101 and 280 both moving at top speeds. looks like they may have finished the lane changes across the golden gate bridge. in our last traffic report we saw the lane change trucks and chp cars drive by so right now it is a nice flow but once again, you can see the roads are slick across the golden gate as you head towards doyle drive. elsewhere milpitas 880 and 237, this is a live look. westbound 237 is right now easy breezy. six minutes between 880 and 101 and another reminder, they still have those eastbound lanes of highway 4 shut down until about 5:30 right there at loveridge. that's ongoing overnight roadwork. mass transit might be a nice option on this rainy friday and so far everything looks good for bart, ace, muni, caltrain and ferries. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. federal investigators are heading to west texas where a freight train slammed into afraid float carrying wounded military vets. four people were killed. the accident happened as the
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wounded warriors were taking part in a parade that was happening through the city of midland. a witness says the float got stuck on the tracks. >> i saw the truck crossing the tracks about halfway across, the gates started coming down. the truck tried to blow his horn to get the other people in front of him out of the way. the gates actually hit the first people on the trailer. >> 17 other people were injured. a union pacific spokesman says the train was sounding its horn. a preliminary investigation shows the crossing gate and lights were working at the time. a woman is being detained in phoenix after police say she crashed her car through a gate and drove on the runway of sky harbor international airport. the woman had a child in the car at the time. neither was injured. but police say the woman may have been impaired. the incident brought airport operations to a halt for 15
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minutes last night. 4:49. president obama is set to meet with congressional leaders again today to discuss how to prevent the united states from falling off the "fiscal cliff." that's the series of tax increases and spending cuts that would kick in january 1 if the house and senate can't come up with a budget agreement before then. now, the main issue dividing democrats and republicans as usual is whether the wealthiest americans should pay a bigger share of the taxes. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke says tight bank lending may be holding back the u.s. economy. he told a financial summit in atlanta a lot of qualified borrowers are unable to get loans or buy homes right now. the fed has been trying to help the housing market through its bond buy-back program and low interest rates. a new record for red ink at the u.s. postal service. it lost $16 billion in its latest fiscal year nearly $11 billion more than the previous year. the struggling agency has been urging congress to let it cut
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delivery service from six days to five and reduce required annual payments for future retiree health benefits. americans keep going to work even if it means missing parts of their vacations. the average american will waste two vacation days this year. ex-media says americans get an average of 12 vacation days a year but only use 10. the biggest reasons for not using the time scheduling conflicts and hope that the days can be rolled over. i have a couple of i still need to take. >> i always take mine. use 'em or lose 'em 4:50. signs of deception on gas prices. a research group that investigates energy pricing looked into this year's price spikes and it told the senate committee many california refineries were actually pumping out plenty of gas during times they were supposedly offline. with just 7 companies controlling 94% of the market here in california, state senator mark leno says it is a cause for concern. >> when a marketplace gets more
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and more and more concentrated, the opportunity for that market manipulation only increases. >> that study couldn't find enough evidence to prov collusion. senator leno has launched an investigation into the refining system and its oversight. bart look is into the future and seeing the need for more trains. bart recently bought 775 train cars for $2.5 billion. but it expects to need 880 cars in the near future to accommodate 500,000 passengers a day. the price tag for that is not known but bart's director says it's a lot of money and a big problem. san francisco planners have approved a cap on the number of so-called micro-apartments but are not too happy about it. the planning commission approved the cap of 375 for units that measure just 220 square feet but commissioners are still concerned that a hard cap would be difficult for
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developers to follow. they want city supervisors to rewrite the law to clarify some of the details. you can't just walk into a theater and start shooting video of the movie on the screen, at least that's what the law says. but when blockbuster movies like "twilight" come out a lot of people do just that. private investigators say they caught a person doing that and made the arrest and that may have kept someone from selling the pirated movie on the streets for a couple of bucks. >> how much are they? >> how much are these? $5 each. >> $5? >> we found dozens of movies for sale in the streets of east oakland. the motion picture association says it's a serious threat to the industry. and if you go down the streets of new york you can buy every movie -- if you watch some of these things, there's like someone standing in front of you, you can't really hear it. it's not all that good. 4:52. a new look at the impact of smoking bans in large cities. >> plus a 4-year-old boy gives away his birthday cash.
4:53 am
who he says needs the money more than him. >> and cats thrown from planes? the ad that's got some animal rights groups howling mad. it's coming your way next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the weather changed back to wintry stuff now. showers showing up around the bay area. most of that light stuff but likely to be picking up. we'll talk about that coming up. >> despite the light rain we still haven't seen big accidents on the road overnight. golden gate bridge lane changes in that southbound 101 commute direction. bay bridge looks great. and the milpitas ride once again just slick conditions to start off. more "timesaver traffic" coming up. >> and the cdc says smoking bans now protect almost half of americans. that's a big jump from 12 years
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ago when only 3% of americans were protected. smoking in restaurants, bars and other workplaces is now banned in 30 of america's 50 largest cities. researchers say the bans reduce secondhand smoke, lowering heart attacks and other tobacco- related illnesses in nonsmokers. well, a 4-year-old is making some news this morning. he is from yuba city and could have bought a lot of toys with his birthday money but instead donated it. cool little kill. 4-year-old sore ren curry gave nearly $400 to the firefighters burn institute. he got a certificate and a ride on a fire truck and got to eat lunch with the sacramento firefighters. >> two years ago i was burned in a house explosion. especially that myself and my friends went through to see a young man who is four years old to do that, i mean, it was huge. >> look at you go! >> got a little tour huh? firefighter burn institute is the sacramento nonprofit that provides treatment and recovery
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for burn victims. he will never forget that day. he will probably be a firefighter now. >> who knows! but that's great of him. >> very cool. 4:57. trouble for the famed slurpee. why some bay area neighbors are mounting a fight against a brand-new 7-eleven. >> plus a week after resigning because of an extramarital aer fa, form -- affair, former cia director david petraeus faces a grilling on capitol hill. i just got off the phone from the bakery hostess who says they are calling it quits. i'll tell you what this means for 18,000 employees and how soon could the stores close. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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there are hundreds of ways people use lysol disinfectant spray. ben's mom uses it around the bathtub. it kills mold, and unlike clorox clean-up, it's approved to keep it from coming back for up to a week. share your lysol story, and see more, on facebook. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald twilight for twinkies? hostess says it's going out of business. >> on the brink of war violent erupts in the middle east even as israel promises a truce. >> stormy

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